The last thing you remember, the Golden One’s apprentice, Khalib branded you all traitors to the dominion of Shalast! Karzoug’s elite surrounded you and your brethren, taking advantage of your confusion to subdue you quickly.

Led to the prison colony of Kaer Maga, you struggled as they shoved you into the paralytic fluid that would suspend you through the years of your sentence. A piercing pain shoots through your skull, as your vision fades into an inky blackness…

Your eyes flutter open, and you are dumped out of the suspension chamber. Suspension fluid spatters on the cold stone floor as your body ejects the alien liquid. Your arms shake from the atrophy from thousands of years of inactivity… only barely sustained by the magical nourishing fluid that you unceremoniously dumped on the floor only seconds ago.

Your eyes refuse to focus on the sight before you, but the echoing voices fill your head, speaking an unfamiliar language…

Karzoug Rising

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