Karzoug Rising

The Journey Home...

The road to Sandpoint is bumpy and hazardous...


After rooting out the clanhold of the Kreegs, slaying the remaining ogres, the PCs found that the victory was costly indeed. In one battle, after bashing an ogre’s brains in, Wyrenn was left vulnerable to an ogre smith’s hammer. The brute slammed the heavy weight into her arm, leaving her a broken mess. It seemed that a Stone Giant wizard was directing the ogres to forge weapons for some nefarious scheme, but he was too powerful, and their losses too great to defeat him. In the end, they chose to retreat, content that they had destroyed his ability to forge more armaments.

Once safely back at Fort Rannick, Joriel and Grinoc prepared a memorial and a funeral pyre for Wyrenn and a fallen ranger. Taking up her ashes, they made preparations to return to Sandpoint with them to scatter there. Asking Shalelu of her plans, she informed them that she would hunt down the cult of the dragon that killed her mother. In an emotional farewell, Jakardros gave her the bow that her mother had gifted him the day that they were married.

Leaving Fort Rannick, Joriel, Grinoc, and Grungar


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