Karzoug Rising

Joriel's Journal

Entry 1: Awaken

Time is something that many people often live by. It could be for that instant, for the moment that when you rise to the occasion to prove yourself or to take it away from someone. In that time I’ve done those things for our lord. Any mission that me and my kin did was always successful and to reassure that our lord is to be taken serious, but then one day we were told to meet our lord for the next assignment in the main hall. While heading there we ran into a human named Grinok, a high ranking general in the armed forces and also well respected to many. We arrived to the main doors where our lord is awaiting for us beyond them, as the doors open to the hall there was a figure standing there as if he was waiting for us this entire time. It was none other than our lord’s assistant looking at us as if we done something wrong and unfortunately it was. We were consider as traitors of the state and by the time we could sink all that in we were surrounded by ruin giants and the hit from behind a powerful spell that knocked all of us out. The last thing I could remember was the assistant’s face and the word “traitors” being said until I blacked out. Why? What did we do to be called traitors? Did we take out the wrong people? Were we a threat to our lord? These were questions I wanted answers to. Will I ever see her again? What would she think of me after all this?

Entry 2: Awaken (continue)
Awakening from a deep slumber felt like being born again the only difference is that instead coming from a wombs we came from suspended animation capsules that were our prisons. Meanwhile I heard my cell door open and a unfamiliar voice but with a mannerism that reminded me of someone I knew back then. This young lad to us that we’ve been asleep for 10,000 years and that civilization has been rebuilding over places we once knew back then. Maybe this is good, I told myself. As we left our chambers and made our way outside, we came out to a city call Kira Maga or City of Strangers. A place where trolls, zombie prostitutes, murder, black markets, gladiators, clan riots and gambling may roam. It almost felt like I was being watched the entire time until a troll called Grinok a " Bringer of Destruction" which was pretty interesting that it caught my attention. Everything up til now has gotten my attention, the fact that we were reawaken to a new world with a different purpose or are we still dreaming? Maybe this is our 3rd chance? 3rd chance?? Still my memories haven’t come back yet. It feels like I’ve been here before but in a other life. Maybe in due time I will remember my past and hopefully find answers on what happen. In the meantime I have to be patient and follow this boy who is our only link to this place. Will he be honest or will he try to kill us? Neither my kin don’t trust him but it’s a sacrifice we have to make. Our fate rests in his hands but his life is in ours.

Entry 3: Kardann
Over the time I’ve spent with the caravan, I’ve learn to appreciate and except things how they are. During the day I’ve spend most of the time training and getting familiar with my skills and helping the others with chores. At night they play music and drink to their hearts content. Seeing so many people smiling, and laughing, enjoying the stories be told of their past, ancestors and the reasons why they travel. Among them is the head elder that goes by the name Kardann. Wise of his patron and known for his stories, he is a kind soul. I often go over to listen and become educated about the many things that this world has change while I was asleep. It is very interesting that with every story he told the lot of us about had a lesson to it. Honestly I’ve learn one thing….Never challenge him in a drinking contest. Though you maybe young, experience will always trump youth. Just by watching him it’s a true fact. Life is a lesson and a blessing, always be thankful and that’s how I see him with a mug in hand singing, dancing, and teaching the words of Caden. A individual that I respect.

Entry 4: Sandpoint and The Last Member
After weeks on the road we’ve finally got to our destination. Sandpoint. A town made by merchants from near and far, though not as big as Kira Maga, you can tell that the people here work hard just to get by. In a way it feels like I’ve been here before. But I still can’t remember. Wyrin, Grinok and myself went to go check in at the Rusty Dragon, which Wyrin was blabbing about that we’ve stayed here before and that we know the owner. Still his mannerism is reminding me of someone that was part of our group and I can figure that out. Discussing with Grinok about the matter made it a little bit easier for the fact a small glimpse of our past smacked us and all we could say was “Thunder Thighs”. After saying that a short gasp came out of him and the look on his face was priceless, right there we knew that he was our missing member Rin dressed up. We were surprised at first but then looking at her, she wasn’t the same from before. My Arcane scent could tell she was a spellcaster now, maybe shes on good terms with her father now. For some reason shivers went down my spine just thinking about that. But that was then, maybe things are different….hopefully.


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