Karzoug Rising

Fort Rannick

Preventing a tragedy...

While traveling to Turtleback Ferry, our intrepid adventurers, Wyrenn, Grinoc, and Joril, with Grungar tagging along, passed around Crystalbottom lake. They noticed the gambling barge floating out there, near the middle of the lake. Up ahead, they noticed Shalelu walking along the edge of the lake.

While they were rushed, certain that the ogres of Hook Mountain would be assaulting the Fort Rannick soon, they took a little time to greet their friend. After the brief meeting, Shalelu declined a ride and they took off, leaving Shalelu to catch up at her own pace! Grinoc had some trouble spurring his horse on, and so, ended up accompanying Shalelu.

Upon arrival, the adventurers held off at the treeline, trying to figure out how to get into the Fort, assuming the worst. Why they did not check what was at watch, I cannot say, but as they attempted to sneak in through the secret entrance that they remembered from their past life, a watch guard spotted them! “Hey!” he shouted, “What are you doing out there?”

“Are you human?” Wyrenn called out, eliciting another odd look. She seems to draw those quite a lot.

The found that the event that Wyrenn was worried about had not happened yet, and tried to follow up a lead about Commander Bayden. She asked for a meeting with the Commander, and discovered that he was not being magically charmed as she suspected…

More to come…


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